Maintaining Water Quality

The Coverseal membrane remains perfectly taut under all conditions, thanks to the high-quality materials, preventing leaves or similar debris from falling into your swimming pool.
By reducing photosynthesis (whenever Coverseal covers your pool), the growth of algae is significantly restricted. This also keeps the pH level more stable, thus reducing the consumption of water treatment chemicals.

The environment, your eyes, and skin will thank you, and daily cleaning is minimised.

The Cover that Provides You Safety

The range of Coverseal options is extensive. We provide personalised advice and are happy to consult on-site because we ultimately want you to be satisfied with your choice. Only then are we satisfied as well.

The cover not only provides protection for your children and pets but also for adults.
In addition to meeting many stringent safety standards, Coverseal even complies with the French standard NF P90-308 from December 2013.


The unique locking system and carefully selected materials make this possible.

Safe. Practical. Elegant.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Pool Cover from coverseal austria:

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Easy Operability:

With a remote control and the choice between automatic and semi-automatic variants, Coverseal offers the simplest operability.

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Individual Customization:

The cover is available in multiple colours and can be adapted to your environment.

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Enhanced Safety:

Coverseal provides protection for children, pets, and adults through its unique locking system and carefully selected materials.

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Better Water Quality:

The Coverseal membrane prevents leaves from falling into the pool and restricts the development of algae.

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Environmentally Friendly:

Coverseal reduces daily cleaning and is gentle on the environment, leading to a more stable pH level and reduced consumption of chemicals.

Additional Details
About the Pool Cover

To match the cover to your environment, you can choose from multiple colours for the membrane. The cladding is powder-coated, giving you the entire RAL colour palette to choose from. For the drive mechanism, you have two options: In the automatic version, solar cells take care of charging the batteries—even on cloudy days—while in the semi-automatic version, you can charge the batteries using your household electricity. A remote control is available for opening and closing the cover.


If you would like to know more about the benefits of a Coverseal for your indoor or outdoor pool, desire consultation, or would like a non-binding offer, please contact us. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about technical details.

Technical Data & Downloads


Technical Data & Downloads

  • Fully Automatic Pool Cover

  • Installation possible on both wooden and stone surfaces

  • Solar-powered drive

  • Cover usable throughout the entire year (including winter)

  • Box available in all RAL colors (at an additional cost), the standard color is dust gray RAL 7037

  • Tarp available in: beige (1015), dust gray (7037), black (9005), opal green (6026), cobalt blue (5013), light blue (5015), light gray (7035)

  • Ideal for indoor pools

  • Retrofitting possible for existing installations

  • In addition to meeting many stringent safety standards, Coverseal also complies with the French standard NF P90-308 from December 2013.